A weekend of focus on YOU and YOUR health and fitness goals



A Beautiful Setting

Escape to a very private estate on the edge of Napa county with over 200 acres of natural Northern California landscape for you two to explore. The property features an organic farm, a modern home, a hilltop pool, a mountaintop lookout, and an ancient oak "thinking tree" that will inspire you to connect again. Hosted by Napa Kitchen Gardens, the property has an on-site organic farm that exclusively grows baby specialty heirloom vegetables for two San Francisco restaurants.

A Beautiful Setting 

Workouts and Goal Setting



A variety of workouts and goal-setting exercises led by fitness professionals to set you up for success in your day-to-day. We develop your goals over the weekend and send you back with useful information and sustainable practices to ramp up your results.  


The Experience 

Delicious & Nutritious


Through collaboration of a local chef and our resident organic farmer, we provide a super-fresh, all-organic menu throughout the retreat experience.  Experience new tastes, and truly nourish your body with healthy delicious food straight from the garden. Our produce pairing and tasting tour is a standard part of the program at Napa Kitchen Gardens. Indoor and outdoor kitchens encourage guests to participate and learn about healthy foods and smart choices for great taste.

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