Experience a couples escape that will last a lifetime.  Come feed your body and nourish  One another's   spirit at TwoSpirits unique couples retreat in Napa.



A Beautiful Setting

Escape to a very private estate on the edge of Napa county with over 200 acres of natural Northern California landscape for you two to explore. The property features an organic farm, a modern home, a hilltop pool, a mountain top lookout, and an ancient oak "thinking tree" will inspire you to connect again. Hosted by Napa Kitchen Gardens, the property has on on-site organic farm that exclusively grows baby speciality heirloom vegetables for two San Francisco restaurants.

A Beautiful Setting 

Amazing Massage

Our team of experienced professionals will lead you and your partner in learning how to provide excellent massage to each other.  Supported by an environment of inclusion and mindfulness, we will lead both small group and private couples massages so that each of you can give and get the best massage you've ever had.  Additionally, TwoSpirits staff provide options for essential oil treatment, reflexology and private yoga instruction.

The Experience 

Delicious & Nutritious


Through collaboration of a local chef and our resident organic farmer, we provide a super-fresh, all-organic menu throughout the retreat experience.  Experience new tastes, and truly nourish your body with healthy delicious food straight from the garden. Our produce pairing and tasting tour is a standard part of the program at Napa Kitchen Gardens. Indoor and outdoor kitchens encourage guests to participate and learn about healthy foods and smart choices for great taste.

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