Our two-day program is designed for  gay  and lesbian couples who are searching for  an unique experience to share  and to  reconnect through. (There are separate  weekends for  men and for  women)  TwoSpirits  offers  instructional couples massage workshops for an unique and unparalleled experience for you and your partner/spouse . The  connection  with you and your partner  will be  physically , emotionally and spiritually charged.  These two-day events are designed specifically for gay couples to  enhance their  connection and increase  emotional intimacy through tactile expressions with one another. The core of the weekend experience is a small instructional group of like-minded couples with  time for private instructional couples massage sessions during the weekend.

A California certified massage professional provides hands-on instructional therapy In a  safe and relaxing environment:

Each couple:

  • will evaluate their patterns and current level of intimacy with each other (multiple dimensions);
  • be guided through a practice of various forms of massage techniques, with the instructor taking careful time to explain each movement and  taking turns practicing specific techniques on one another;
  • will experience  a deeper communication through touch.
  • will relax and be more aligned with one another;
  • will learn methods and skills that they will share for years to come.

The small group and private couples massage sessions during the weekend are enhanced by other activities and services that support and contribute to a more centered, healthy and balanced lifestyle.  

Couples will enjoy:

  • exclusive private use of estate retreat amenities (pool, outside shower, sun decks);
  • garden-farm and grounds tours (210-acre property with active organic farm);
  • how to prepare holistic organic farm fresh food food by our personal chef
  • wine tasting from local organic vineyards in Napa Valley;
  • mountain top outdoor yoga instruction;
  • essential oil treatments performed with all-natural organic oils;
  • walking or hiking tours of the property.

This retreat is a day-only retreat and overnight accommodations will be provided at nearby hotels and estate properties.


 Our Philosophy and Approach

First Nation indigenous tribes used the term “TwoSpirit” for a person who feels their body simultaneously manifests both a masculine and a feminine spirit,  a  balance of masculine and feminine characteristics. While acknowledging  homosexuality, Native Americans focused on the unique  spiritual gifts through being gay.  Native American traditionalists tend to see a person's basic character as a reflection of their spirit. Honoring this origin, we have adopted and use the name “TwoSpirits” to signify two like-minded people,  mindfully working and sharing their spiritual gifts  together as an intimate couple.

The TwoSpirits Difference – Escape and Connect
We believe and feel that many gay couples  can truly reconnect, expand  and re-invest in their relationship by sharing and growing  through a sacred and spiritual retreat weekend. Through  this Instructional couples massage weekend you will learn valuable tools in a safe space where each couple can physically, emotionally and spiritually recharge with and through one another.

Real Support for Gay Partnerships
In the Gay community we find  quite a bit of social and cultural encouragement of a sex positive, self-indulgent experience.  Exciting but temporary, tangential and flirtatious, the urban gay scene is overwhelmed with images and attractions that offer quick hookups, external relationships, and hassle free sex….with other people outside of primary relationships.

While it may be highly arousing to  adopt this accepted way of thinking as our own, this is by no means a replacement for a healthy guide for building lasting soulful intimacy between gay couples.  Our current culture lends very little support for continued investment in our gay relationships. In fact, gay/lesbian couples must  work harder  then our straight allies  to create  a "safe space" and  to define our relationships.   

At TwoSpirits Retreats, we honor  the commitment of gay and lesbian couples.  We offer the opportunity for an intimate  investment  and an alternative to websites and handheld mobile apps which often times misdirect energy away from our relationships. The TwoSpirits experience encompasses a unique counterbalance to the thriving urban and online environment. Our approach is to help couples facilitate  and  grow in their  connectedness with one another.  We encourage couples to invest in their own rhythm of “relationship practice”.                                                                                      Our TwoSpirits experience is designed by gay people for gay couples.

An Investment with Immediate Return
Your investment in yourself and your relationship in the TwoSpirit experience will enhance and refresh your commitment to one another.  Relationships in general  take significant  practice, communication  and time  “being in the moment” with one another,  to become  re-aligned and re-centered. 

TwoSpirits is a learning environment; an experience, not just a treatment. The TwoSpirits retreat experience is a sensory cornucopia of touch, taste, sight, sound and and an exercise in intuition.   You will learn to listen through touch, communicate through your body and  be more in the moment with your partner.  This new way of focusing on your partner  will help evolve and  enhance  your relationship  in ways which may  have eluded you for  years.  Our results can last a lifetime.

Safe Space 
TwoSpirits retreats offer a safe space for gay couples to  openly express and truly  appreciation one another without fear or stigma. Our retreats are exclusively for  gay women and men.  We are 100% gay owned and operated.

To get the most out of your intimate weekend  we require an electronic free environment. All handheld cell phones and tablets need to be inaccessible for the duration of your stay at TwoSpirits.  Being present and in the moment  will help to assure  the best experience  you have.

Sacred space
Although this weekend focuses on the intimacy between committed couples,  sex is not a focus of the weekend.  All couples are encouraged to bring the positive sensual energy back to their hotel room or home and enjoy it with and through one another.  While you are  immersed in the TwoSpirits experience, feel this vitalizing energy and hold it within. Absorb it, letting it envelop and awaken your senses and the energy between both of you.

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